Bespoke Consultancy

Change Management – always use a pencil when ticking those boxes!

Great ideas can easily be ruined by poor execution and/or premature celebration of success. There is a growing tendency in today's fast paced culture to implement a change, tick a box and then move on - expecting it to be embedded within an organisation purely on its own merits. In my experience, people not involved [...]

Intrinsic motivation – the key to people retention?

People retention is a key issue in the service sector - so what can you do to reduce attrition rates? In my opinion, it's about winning hearts & minds rather than just using carrots & sticks. I firmly believe that many organisations fall into the trap of trying to make a boring, tough or stressful [...]

Looping the Loops – the Fundamentals of Operations Management

During my years in operations management across various organisations it has become clear that there are some fundamentals that are key to successful operations management whatever business you are in. I have brought these fundamental together in this diagram. There are four key areas to focus on in order to [...]

Two to four inch heels and the Equality Act

A recent story attracted lots of headlines and negative publicity for PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) when a temporary receptionist was sent to the firm’s London offices for a temporary assignment and was told that she had got to wear shoes with a two to four inch heel. If she did not follow the guidelines she [...]

Root Cause Analysis – A funnel approach for analysing customer complaints.

When seeking to resolve a challenging problem, it is of course important to firstly identify the root cause. Jumping to conclusions too soon can be dangerous - with the obvious risk of developing an amazing solution, but to a different problem! So, if understanding the root cause is an important early step when problem [...]

Do your processes need a Waste Disposal Unit?

I have been reviewing processes for many years and never cease to be amazed by the amount of inefficiency (waste) that I find. I have produced a check list of the key things to look out for that will give you a good indication if there is waste in your processes:   the customer [...]