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ted Learning delivers enjoyable, engaging learning experiences that deliver long term benefits to your people and business.

Our motto is: Training that is Engaging and Delivers results

We are all about the ‘theatre of learning’, using actors on many of our courses to make it memorable and realistic.

We offer accredited training through the ILM so not only will your teams attend engaging training, but it can also count towards a formal qualification.

This delivers long-term benefits as your team are assessed and measured on their learning, making the training more beneficial to your business and creating longevity to the learning.

ted Education

ted Education supports young people with essential work skills. We recognise those leaving education can benefit from understanding the expectations and challenges of entering the workplace.

We offer a number of solutions to better equip and help navigate individuals such as attending their first interview, preparing a presentation, operating as part of a team etc.

We bring classroom learning to life and can help students practice essential life skills – whether its interview skills, negotiation skills, presentation skills or building confidence. Courses are designed by a qualified teacher and include full lesson plans.

OFSTED rated a lesson using actors from ted Education at the Fashion Retail Academy in London as 1 – Outstanding.

We also offer support to Teachers and Lecturers with presentation skills and how to deliver even more engaging lessons by making them practical and ensuring all learning styles are targeted.